Before I stepped into direct perception of the mysteries – the Gnostic path of liberation, I […]
Each morning, noon and evening I perform three private services. These are moments of quietude where […]
Last night, in an online discussion, someone raised the question of the requirement of suffering for […]
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In Kabbalah there is a concept of creation called Tzimtzum, to put it simply it is […]
Revisiting a recent thought of mine regarding Oneness and the idea of oblivion of the Self […]
Tonight in a meeting with other pupils and members we discussed the topic of the two […]
As a pupil of the Golden Rosycross, I am met with various great and private lectures […]
My Notes from today’s lecture: In what reality do we live?How do we go beyond the […]
Reading from “The Sefer Yetzirah” pg 51 (Chapter 1:6) “Ten Sefirot of Nothingness. Their vision is […]
Ink Blots
Neutrality and stillness are concepts that go hand in hand. To be neutral, one has to […]
A Rosicrucian isn’t expected to work on their personality. Unlike some paths where the personality is […]