This is a talk from the Golden Rosycross.

Recap of previous weeks

True calling of light vesture – need to prepare it for a great and glorious task.

Last week explored the new consciousness and its significance of its new awakening. “Guided Self Observation” <- their term for meditation. They had called the word “meditation” as something not viable to modern spiritual growth, but then described “observing their thoughts, quieting the mind” and so on. They call the actions of meditation “guided self observation.”

Notes on this Lecture

True love bears all things, hopes and endures all things. Human beings tend to see love from a self centered perspective (cheering for a team, or focusing on our family).

This behavior is dualistic and seeking pleasure which is driven by the ego. This is conditional love. Love with strings attached. This type of love only creates a more separated sense of self.

True Love is indivisible, it doesn’t seek to separate one from another. It is all encompassing. It seeks to find unity in all created things. Aquarius is helping us recognize the bonds that hold us together.

If we can leave the ego-centric world view we can live from a world of interconnectedness.

Humanitarian love focuses on love for humanity, but it doesn’t liberate the person from physical realm of duality. True Love is a unity that transforms beyond our natural state.

True Love is an energy that holds the cosmos together. True Love guides us to self knowledge. The impurity of thoughts, actions and reactions are revealed to us. Love gives itself to everything and everyone. True Love does not separate or divide.

I’m reminded of Crowley’s “I’m divided for love’s sake, for perchance of union.”

Love doesn’t criticize, but accepts everything. It is not driven by desires.


“Is killing in war fine?” I think war is always a hard and extreme place to describe love. People often go here because it’s an extreme that they often want to explore or express because it’s very human to hurt or kill an “enemy.” Yet Jesus said to love the enemy. This was raised to a Buddhist lama when I was a Buddhist. The lama responded, “do you love your mother?” The speaker said they did, so the buddhist said he saw all beings as his mother and his first response to an “enemy” wouldn’t be to kill them but to stop them without killing. Killing being the last resort. Certainly someone in a war zone is living a hard life that is difficult to do.

One person replied that you can forgive the person you fight. I have reservation on this, as it’s a slippery slope to violence… or to defend violence.

“what is true love?” An energy from the universal spirit. I realized with this question, that myself and most of the speakers didn’t know how to answer this. After some thought I think that True Love is the unifying field within each of us… it is that God energy or the energy of the creative force and it’s love because it is unity… it is that field of unity between us and all.


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