In the Golden Rosycross there is an event towards the end of each month called “Renewal.” It’s a series of three lectures which span over two days (Saturday and Sunday.) Unlike the public talks, these renewal lectures are deep dives into the gnostic mysteries, often invoking the Holy supper, or spiritual residence within each of us.

To attend, all you need do is apply for membership online. Membership has no obligation, nor monetary requirement. Simply supply contact information and you’ll be notified when each renewal occurs.

April’s renewal, for my local group, was a very powerful series that focused on turning to the inner Light. The event was charged with the Divine Light, and it was quite palpable. This love of Divinity was felt strongly within me as I resonated with the words and feelings of the speaker. In a way I felt this message was meant for me… someone who has recently applied for pupilship within the organization.

One important message in the talk was that the feelings we get in attending the temple (virtually or physically) is akin to visiting our inner Upper Room, and getting ready for the Holy Feast. This process was passive during these sessions – that is, it wasn’t happening through individual effort, it was being conferred through the temple renewal. As such, after leaving a session, given enough time, it will subside and each will return to their own mundane state – that is UNLESS the individual find a process to open the proverbial window of the inner Upper Room through our own effort (self-free masonry) and in that way the process remains with us. In other words, the real goal is active effort (not passive) through our individual work.

Another great message was that the things we need to give up and let go of are easily spotted in the state of mind of the Spirit. When in that feeling of the temple, when we come together and feel the presence of the Divine upon us, we know deep down what we must let go of, give up or change in our lives. That message can easily be forgotten once we return to mundane consciousness. It’s important to note the personal Gnostic message of change, so that even if the power wears off (and we are back in mundane states of mind), we still retain the original ideal. We know that it is important, because it was made manifest while under the influence of the presence of the Spirit Spark.

These are highlights that really touched deeply with me – inspiring me to look deep, make change and seek the process of self transformation.


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