Each morning, noon and evening I perform three private services. These are moments of quietude where […]
In the book, “The Coming New Man,” there is an idea of self-denial called Negation. On […]
In my personal daily service this morning, these words floated to my awareness: Allow failure. Accept […]
mind your head
Following intellectual pursuits often ends in ego identification and failure in the spiritual aspect of the […]
Update 6/19/22 After spending some time thinking on this topic, almost every day, I’ve come to […]
Helping a monk
Related to a previous post, I wanted to separate out another important aspect of a recent […]
Recently I was meeting with some very special pupils of like mind. We were sitting around […]
In the Golden Rosycross there is an event towards the end of each month called “Renewal.” […]
Over the past few days I’ve had something on my mind that has caused me a […]
Considering that the majority of the content on this site is Rosicrucian oriented, and most of […]