People and their Vices

Dog Barking

I know we are all working through our issues, and it isn’t right to judge where another person is at on their journey, but recently I had a realization about many of my online connections. The news has been talking about a submarine that ruptured killing five tourists on board. I hadn’t been on Facebook in weeks, and when I logged in I was stunned at all the jokes, memes, and cruelty towards the victims.

People seemed to justify their jeering, and laughing at the deaths of these people because the tourists were rich. I saw someone write, “this is what the real shark tank should be,” and a reply, “I don’t care about them. let them die. they are all billionaires and likely scumbags.”

The venom. The hate. I wasn’t prepared for it.

These same people on social media, mourned, not memmed, when Robin Williams (rich as he was) took his own life. How is that any different? Pain is shared equally from the rich to the poor, from the healthy to the sick.

Jesting and jeering, and even calling for the death of people we don’t know, there’s something very dark about that. It’s not worth getting angry about it, but it is somewhat sobering.

Denial of Attainment

There is an unfortunate characteristic of people (especially those in groups with espoused philosophy) to deny attainment of others. This is true especially if an individual is outside their belief system. Throughout my life I’ve seen this first hand. In my Christian upbringing my conservative Christian family denied attainment or spiritual knowledge outside their belief system. “It’s of the devil,” they would say. Today, I heard a Rosicrucian claim that the aura field of a person can give them false information, claiming to be their spirit spark.

Denial of Attainment happens even to masters. Remember that even Jesus was called out as someone possessed, by his detractors. Other Rosicrucians have claimed that people who differ from their world view are influenced by entities in the reflection sphere. Is that any different than the evangelical claiming that a Rosicrucian is following the devil’s path of self-delusion?

These are unfortunate control systems of groups. Groups need to keep people from walking off the proverbial reservation. Controls are put in place to say, “hey if you think differently, you might be wrong.” “But,” someone says, “I have a result…” or “I hear the guidance within myself…” and then they are conflicted. How can someone hear guidance different than our own? “Ah! This is the work of an entity…” or “this is the work of the aura, pretending to be the spirit spark call.”

The real missing of the mark, is in obedience to the ideas and beliefs of another, without any inner guidance. To believe in the words of another, without evidence, is to have faith in their attainment. But we on the Gnostic path are not in following blindly the words of others – we are following the path of the Greater Aspect within. There is no substitute.

Reading the works of others is fine, in moderation, but let it not overshadow your Truth. Let no one dissuade you from your personal Gnosis.

Gnosis is the Death of Faith…

Many years ago, during my occult phase, I read the work, “Nigri Liber Solis” (The Black Sun), and a phrase popped out at me. It read, “Gnosis is the Death of Faith and the Birth of Power.” It affected me so much that to this day I remember that passage from a very obscure text. But what does it mean and how does this relate to the teachings of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum (Golden Rosycross)?

As noted elsewhere, I don’t always see eye to eye with the ideals of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum, and their views on faith is one such example. Like many Rosicrucian organizations, they are heavily vested in the words of the Bible. Although they do a great job in spiritual understanding of the Bible, they are attached to the role of Faith. Faith comes up quite often and it is described as a natural first step along the path.

This is true. It is a natural first step. Before you move your hand for the first time, you believe you can, and then you try. Once that is achieved, you no longer live by faith that you can move your hand, you KNOW you can move your hand. In that analogy, knowing is Gnosis. Gnosis is the direct experience of Truth. Not truth in a rudimentary materialism, but a deep profound Truth.

When someone has a direct experience, faith is no longer necessary. From my perspective, we should be preaching about the Direct Experience, not Faith. I think it’s a trap to put the idea of Faith as the goal, because it leads away from direct experience. One falls into the trap of belief, never attempting direct experience because it may be seen as “not the right time,” or “only a perfected being can achieve that.”


I found a quote by Jan van Rjickenbourgh from “The Coming New Man,” on the topic of Faith.

To believe, in the sense of the Brotherhood, means to know from within, and this ‘knowing from within’ is the activity of the spirit-spark atom. Paul therefore speaks about ‘the faith in your hearts’. By this he does not mean a kind of sentimentality or some traditional bible- or church belief, but refers to the sparkling vibration of the spirit spark atom in the right heart-ventricle. This is the belief which must make its abode in your heart. In order to obtain this faith, to arouse this vibration, you are admitted to the forecourt of the Spiritual School but do not imagine that the Spiritual School can or will do anything further for you before you ‘move mountains’ on the basis of this new, exclusive vibration of faith.

The Coming New Man pg. 56

Navigating the Shifting Sands of Life

During the month of February, the Golden Rosycross produced a series of events (some public, some private) that dealt with the subject of Egyptian gnosis. One topic that I found very appealing was a metaphor for life, as a desert and how our guidance can not come from the surrounding landmarks, as they shift and move with the winds of change.

A desert landscape can have sand dunes appear in one location, only to reappear in another overnight. Likewise the external (material) world goes through similar shifts. One moment we are taught to cheer some global leader, and the next moment we are told they are the villain. Or perhaps the shifting sands of our life are more appropriate to compare to our desires, constantly seeking something to generate happiness but always leaving us wanting something more.

The external world can not offer lasting peace, as it is constantly reinventing itself. It is a series of undulating movements that create more twists and turns than a good mystery. If we were to look externally to a guru, or spiritual teacher, they may take us some distance but given enough time we’d no doubt see the fault in their nature. They wouldn’t be the perfect being we thought they were, and we may hear of secret indiscretions, or misappropriation of money.

Suffice it to say, nothing in in this world is permanent – which creates problems if we set our navigation to any external or wordy context. Instead, we must find a guide that is unmovable. One such guide is within us. It is akin to having a compass in our hands. By tuning out the external storms, shifting sand dunes, or mirages, and focusing on the compass of our inner life, we will know the direction of each step.

This process, in real terms, is the result of tuning out the noise of the world. Being in a state of the present moment, with the intent of attunement unto the Greater One within. In the Golden Rosycross, we call this Greater Source Within, the Spirit Spark. The process of glimpsing this inner guidance is unique to each one. For one person it may be found through observing nature, for another observing their breath. In all cases it involves awareness of the moment as it is, and a release of conceptual thought. Worries, criticisms, desires and the like will fade from view, once the wall of boredom is overcome.

Once the process is realized, a true intent is felt. It is like the proverbial lightbulb over one’s head. It shines a new thought, a new pattern of behavior and most importantly it LIVES THROUGH US.

This is the Gnostic Path. It is trod alone. No one can explain it, or tell you or I what we must do. Each step is unique to the seeker, as only we have the compass that works within our sphere of influence. The answer to life is not more stuff, nor is it new philosophies/teachers/masters. The answer to life is within us already, our work is in the letting go of old strongholds, in order to see the truth – that guiding compass of Light.

Strange Dream

I had the oddest dream last night. Normally I don’t pay them any attention but last night was very odd.

In the dream I was in attendance at a gathering, much like a Freemason gathering, except it had men and women. All were dressed in their very best. No one paid me much mind and I just mingled with the crowd in this large room.

I was made aware that three men were the leaders and ran the group, but then something happened. I felt this power come over me, and I let go of my personality self to allow the inner to expand. The room disappeared and I saw this wondrous sight. Like a dream within a dream, I was seeing a light. There was a central sphere of blue-white light. Wisps of blue-white vapor moved about the central sphere, like a strange galaxy before me. In the curved arms of the wisps where brilliant dots, like stars.

In my dream I knew that the vision was there, but my body was in the room. I let go further and twirled, like a Sufi mystic. Reaching out into the spirit vision, I plucked one of the star-like dots of light and it turned into a physical object, a piece of writing.

I found myself standing in the room with the crowd, and now I am the center of their attention. They watched me twirl in the room like a madman, only to show a document in hand. They began to hail me as someone versed in the spiritual arts. Someone said that what I held was a sacred writ, or document – something from a hidden archive that only the three masters were allowed to enter.

One of the masters hailed this achievement, but the other two were missing. One had gone rogue and had entered into the sacred chamber to rob it. Another of the masters followed after him, disappearing from the crowd.

The sacred chamber was not accessible by physicality. It was accessed through pure will, and I found the path. It wasn’t a place, but a movement – a spiritual movement under Divine will. I saw myself before a mystical gate, iron wrote gate with interwoven piping. I pushed deep upon it and moved through it, as though pushing through a thick, stone wall.

Once on the other side, there was the space of the sacred chamber. Artifacts were stacked upon shelves, while others were put on pedestals for singular display. Shafts of light illuminated the area, in golden rays.

The objects were curious, but I became more curious of the master who came to rob the chamber. Focused now on finding him I crept between the tall shelves. That’s when I heard the robbing master, and the one who came after him. They were now working together. The one who claimed to restore the chamber, had made an arrangement with the robber – together they claimed, they would split the prizes.

Uncovering them at last, I drew upon them. Now, in my hands, was a sickle. I found myself striking each of them down, and they were not men at all, but puppets. As they tore open they were filled with stuffing. As they ended, I left the sacred chamber.

No more masters, I was taken past the crowd who were now confused. The masters they followed had been put down. Someone was guiding me, it was perhaps the 3rd master, who now allowed me to take charge of the state of the situation.

Instructed that we should enter the “chapel,” I found myself at the mystical gate, but this time blood was upon the gate – the blood of the previous masters. Pushing upon it, I was in the chamber, but it was like a chapel now. The crowd sat in pews or walked about. I was shown paintings of the previous masters.

Someone was heard telling the lineage of the masters and I asked, “who is the lineage holder now that the masters are gone?”

“You are the only one now.”


In thinking upon this, I believe the opening scene with the sphere and the wisp like galaxy is the opening the spiritual calling. I plucked something special out of the air… perhaps Gnosis being described in a metaphor.

The three masters I believe are the head, heart and life centers of the self. One betrayed us. Perhaps desire, found in the life center, or ego of the head. Something betrayed the Self, turning from the sacred to the profane and it lead to another failure (another center).

Finally it occurred to me that the betrayal must be put to death. In overpowering, and destroying the weak “masters” I became the only thing left. All that was, was now gone. What remained was the inner reticence.

The third master, who had remained true to the cause, bowed to the new birthing of the realization – that self-realization, and it became my True Self.

The dream, you see is a reminder of what I really am, and the betrayal that is the personality. The three centers have a material counterpart, which need to be overcome. Once they were removed from their seats of power (either by direct confrontation) or by their own acknowledgement of relinquishing power, I became the only one – the True Self.

This is the way.

Organs and Spirit


This morning (11/7/22): I asked my HS about organs and spirituality. Initially I didn’t feel any answer. An hour or two later I’m doing my morning sanctuary service of the Heart and an answer was provided. This service is to read something of Gnostic literature and contemplate it. While pondering what to read, an answer came to me – but the answer wasn’t from my regular consciousness. It wasn’t memory, or personality, it was deep within and it pointed me to “Dei Gloria Intacta”. Opening it up I get to page 16 – and it deals with something about Flesh and Spirit.

Deep down I “Know” (Gnostic wisdom) that this applies to my question… so I read on. Jan van Rjickenborgh quotes Paul from the Bible, “Now this I say that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, neither does the corruptible inherit the incorruptible.”

After the quote Rjickenborgh explains that this, for him, is a reference to the human personality and that liberation is not found din resurrecting or pursuing the goal of personality perfection. He quotes the Bible again, “He must increase and I must decrease!”

While I don’t take everything written in the Bible as Gnostic truth, this came to me through my question, a specific question regarding Organs and spirituality. Max Heindel (and other Rosicrucians) postulated that the physical organs in a body were stitched together with a silver chord that binds the soul to the body and by modifying this relationship, one degrades their spiritual process.

My concerns with this type of thinking (that the body is important and impactful to spiritual growth) are listed below under the heading “Original Post.” However, I also came to realize this morning that flesh and blood do not inherit the Kingdom of God. The “Kingdom of God” is a metaphor for the spiritual bridge within us – in other words, it is our spiritual growth. The human body does not control the spiritual component.

But what does this mean? It means that the body isn’t saved. Is the personality? Rosicrucians say “no” as it pertains to the body. The seat of the ego being in the liver, if the liver perishes, in time so too does the personality.

The real question though is if organ donation or replacement changes us. Does having a replacement kidney change you? Or a replacement liver, or heart? In my original post I referenced data on heart transplants – there are few studies on personality change with heart transplants. Those having been done showed little to no statistical weight to the claim. But what of the liver?

Since the Rosicrucian perspective is that the liver is the seat of the ego, a liver transplant would be very significant on personality. A quick dive into research on this topic reveals a government paper detailing that up to 70% of liver recipients indicate a change in personality. However, it’s not clear the cause – if it is deemed psychological (which is how the world would understand a change in ego) or medical (fungus infections of the spinal fluid, etc.). Both infection and psychology are mentioned and the results seem to be intermixed. Various MRI’s are presented as evidence of changes in the brain.

Another data point is from China. China performs 50% of all liver transplants in the world. However, personality changes are not something reported or noted in this (less scholarly article) on the topic.

The science is a toss up – one side saying no effects, another side noting personality/psychological effects but factors in a lot of mental issues related to post-op infection.

Back to the spiritual perspective: If the body doesn’t pertain to the health of spiritual process, then it seems that there should be no concern for organ replacement with machines or other organs. Even if the ego is seated in the liver, the remaining organs would seem to have negligible impact upon the spiritual path.

Original Post

A recent discussion has been on my mind lately. It relates to the philosophy of Max Heindel. Specifically his views on organs and spirituality. According to the Rosicrucian Fellowship’s site, Heindel felt that organs were stitched together with the silver chord that binds the soul to the body and by transferring an organ from one person to another, that the result would be counter productive spiritually speaking.

This is very hard for me to accept, but I don’t wish to dismiss it outright. Sitting in neutrality on this topic I have to concede that I view three forms of truth. For me, truth is either:

  • Directly experienced by means of the five senses
  • Directly experienced by means of spiritual truth (Gnosis or Self Awareness)
  • Understood logically through a pattern of reason

The greatest of the three mentioned processes is of course Gnosis. Gnosis, direct experience through Divine inspiration, is by far the greatest truth. After that, direct experience through the senses and finally following the logical flow of thoughts by means of reason.

As this topic is not something I’ve directly experienced in the carnal world, nor have I had a Gnostic awareness to this topic, I’m left with reason alone.

Empirical Evidence Argument

A modern argument for Heindel’s views is in recent heart transplant research. Research that states a percentage of heart transplant recipients begin to take on the personalities of those who donated the organs.

“The original seed atom of the recipient of a transplanted heart, we believe, would remain with the etheric counterpart of his original heart, which continues a part of his vital body…. We believe it likely that, once a heart transplant has taken place, the angelic Beings in charge of such matters would transfer the recipient’s seed atom to the apex of the donor’s heart, which now is pumping blood through the recipient’s body.” (

Empirical data has been provided, which shows that some heart recipients felt their donor’s heart caused a change in their personality. Such a data set is the work from Austrian heart transplant recipients. In this data of 47 recipients, 3 patients (6%) felt they had a personality change/influence that reflected the donors personality.

Problems with this Data

While 6% may seem small for some, I think it is statistically significant. My issue with the data is the lack of clarity. Was this a double blind analysis? Certainly this isn’t an experiment. People where not forced to have their hearts replaced, it was instead to be analysis after the fact. Due to this, the data integrity is perhaps compromised.

If the 6% of this study who felt they had a personality change to reflect the donors, the real question is, “did they know the donors?” If they knew the donors of their new hearts (close friends or family), then it is likely they are acting out a psychological manifestation.

Psychological Manifestation Post Traumatic Death

When people lose a loved one, even without a organ donation, they can slip into the person’s personality traits. A son who’s father was a carpenter, may pick up woodworking as a hobby shortly after the passing of their father. I myself have experienced this, and I’ve seen the effect in others as well.

I would imagine that the trauma of not only losing a loved one, but also in gaining their organs, the psychological transition would be very strong.

In an article from Psychology Today, this topic is brought from the point of view of organ memory. The author points out various studies that indicating memories can be transferred on organs (not the brain, but other non-cerebral organs). While compelling it doesn’t prove that memories equate to spiritual progress.

The Spiritual Dynamic of Organs

If we look at blood and body organs as having a spiritual bond, it could (and has been) argued that for a spiritual person to take on the organ of a carnal man, would simply be putting a tarnish on a previously spiritual bond. But let’s reverse the argument…

If it holds true that blood, or an organ contain spiritual tonality, then it would seem to follow that the reverse would be true: a Holy man giving his blood or an organ would have a lasting positive effect on a carnal person. It would seem like the perfect outreach program, as Holy men/women would offer their blood (or organs) for the carnal and thereby influence them into Holy states of mind.

The Problem of the Spiritual Dynamic

If a Holy person could transmit “holiness” to another by means of a blood transfusion, or through an organ transplant, then it seems we remove personal sovereignty from the recipient. That person who undergoes a change (positive or negative) is bypassing personal awareness, choice and conscious effort. That is a problem for me, I currently lack the acceptance that such things are doable through physical means.

For me, spiritual growth is a product of making a choice – a conscious decision. Suggestion that something else (blood, etc.) can change a person seems counter to what I’ve known to be true.


Francis Galton initiated an idea, later called Eugenics, that presumes to seek genetic perfection through the careful maintenance of humanities bloodline. This philosophy becomes dangerous in that it nullifies genetic traits deemed “bad.”

One can hypothesize that if society believed a person having a high chance of transmitting poor organ traits (such as genetic diseases of liver, heart, or lung) they might encourage such a person to not reproduce. A fear or concern might become prevalent that such progeny will be without the spiritual spark or depth that a “normal” person might have.

Perhaps a stretch, or perhaps not. Who knows for certain?

Truth and Openness

In the end, the best I can offer is to remain open to this topic. I can not confirm, nor deny the effective influence of a physical organ over another person. I will continue to seek the Gnostic Light of truth and perhaps one day will have a direct experience of Truth in the Light of Gnosis. Until then I can only reason out, laying out the concerns or benefits of such philosophy.

Suffering as a necessity for Spirituality

Last night, in an online discussion, someone raised the question of the requirement of suffering for spirituality. This person had suffered greatly in life and felt it was unfair that our spiritual path would require suffering.

After the meeting an answer of sorts floated to my mind: it isn’t the suffering itself but the realization that the world we live in can only bring suffering.

Suffering is a cornerstone of Buddhism, which says early on in the 4 Noble Truths that life is suffering. They also offer a way out of suffering by detaching from the world. For some though the question will remain, “how can someone say that life is suffering when there are good elements that match every bad?”

Life is Suffering

The suffering nature of life is based upon the idea that everything in this world decays. It is the physical aspect of entropy that all things gradually fall into disorder. This disorder can be disease, loss of income, and ultimately death.

As long as one attaches to these “things of the world,” they will suffer. Yet if one detaches, and accepts the things of the world, suffering ceases to a great degree. Hence the Biblical passage, “death, where is thy sting?”

To a carnal person the suffering (due to attachment) can be offset by gains in life. You loose all your money, well you can get back up and try again to get more money – like a sine wave, the highs and lows recycle and once again you’re back on top. If you get divorced, just get remarried. This theme of constantly hunting for the next new thing is throughout our media, movies, tv and marketing. Marketers tell us that last year’s model of iPhone is now trash, we now need to buy the new one. This is craving hedonism and it seemingly has no end. It is a constant play in the world of sleep and illusion.

Suffering is Necessary

You (or others) may not need to suffer directly in order to find the spiritual path, but it is required to know that the carnal world can not be a vehicle for lasting happiness. Without this knowledge of the world’s lacking appeasement, the average person will seek enjoyments in the world. If they find the world enjoyable, easing life’s pain with desire objects (sex, alcohol, chasing money and power, etc.), they will have no reason to enter a spiritual path.

There’s a very good reason Jesus was attributed to saying, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven.” When the mind is focused on wealth (either gaining or spending it) there is a constant requirement to navigate life’s waters to keep the gains high and the costs low. Focusing on money in such a way is an attachment to the world, and simply creates a stumbling block for the seeker.

I speak from experience. While I was never “rich” I did seek after riches at times in my life. My desire to be free of debts could become so strong that I would loose myself in the world. Months later I would realize that I hadn’t applied my spiritual path at all – that I was off course and I needed to let go of this misdirection.

In some ways life is like a casino. Some people have the karma to win well, and when they do they suffer the most. Their losses are spiritual. Instead of focusing on world outside the casino, they stay indoors and keep playing… keep winning… keep spending… living a “fun life,” which is ends up being empty. To tell such people that desire for things of the world will separate them from God, is unthinkable. Their whole identity is based on desire and accumulation.

Those that loose at the casino games, becoming depressed they leave the casino, they are the ones that now have the eyes to see. They can see that their desires didn’t amount to greater joy. Losses took away all that joy and now left penniless they are open to a greater truth. They have become empty of carnal desire, which offers the space for Divine infusion.

Perhaps you don’t need to be the one who looses all their money at the casino metaphor, perhaps you can observe how the casino works on others and how it eats up their income. After seeing this you walk away from the casino, without directly being affected. In this way one may not need to directly experience life’s greater suffering to see the spiritual call. Yet in the end we all will suffer who hold on to attachments rooted in this world.

As our attachments in the world will hurt us (over time), if we change our attachments to be sourced from the greater Kingdoms within – then we find less suffering as our attachment is to God and not a world of entropy and decay.


Photo by Gursharndeep Singh from Pexels

In Kabbalah there is a concept of creation called Tzimtzum, to put it simply it is a belief that God being a constant force, everywhere the same, could not create something separate form itself. In order to create “others” God had to create a void, a space… and into the void God projected its light which manifested reality.

I’ve thought today that the act of Tzimtzum is actually happening every time we sit in quiet contemplation. We create the void, that space, and then call out with our inner intent for the Higher Source to manifest guidance.

Without the void one would be pulled by ego, fears, worries, or the control of others. The void, that space, that emptiness, it separates us from the control and manipulation of our personal ego and the will of others in order for us to find the direct experience of personal truth..

Oneness and Individuality, Revisited

Revisiting a recent thought of mine regarding Oneness and the idea of oblivion of the Self (even the Higher Self). In reading from some Gnostic work this morning, I came across this quote:

“The great good ones dwell in peace, bringing joy to the world like the return of spring. Having crossed the ocean of the world, they ever help others to cross over. For this is the very nature of the great-souled ones (Mahâtmas)–their swiftness to take away the weariness of others. So the soft-rayed moon of itself soothes the earth, burned by the fierce sun’s heat.”

Shankaracharya. The Crest-Jewel of Wisdom (p. 11). Kindle Edition.

From this perspective those who have crossed from the world (into Oneness I presume), still retain their individual awareness, and are not lost to oblivion. Of course one could argue this is a stage along the path of transfiguration.

Dissolution of Self

Tonight in a meeting with other pupils and members we discussed the topic of the two fields of life (the perfected field and the imperfect field). I raised a question, but I’m not sure if it was relayed correctly as the discussion didn’t connect well to my intent.

My intention was to describe the idea that the ultimate goal is that we become nothing. While that might be debated, the consideration I offer to the discussion is this:

Examine a light in your room. The bulb burns so bright, but as the light energy degrades it casts less and less light, until the room has nothing but darkness. This, a metaphor for existence, showcases the idea of the Perfect world (Light source), and the imperfect world of forms. We exist in individuality, because the Light is not here in full force. If the Light of God existed in every space, a constant output of eternal power, there could be no other thing but the Light. There is no distinction, no individuality.

Therefore the quest to the One Light/Source ends with our end. No matter how we define individual – this idea of “self” is ultimately lost, as we end in a world of Deity where there is nothing but the Deity.

To be even more clear, the idea of self isn’t just the ego – it also is the Higher Nature… As the ego lets go of itself, the Higher within grows to its own potential – but it too choses to unite with Source – ultimately becoming One thing. Even the Higher Self is lost to the field of brilliance.

Or is it? Am I wrong?

I can’t say with certainty this is so, only that it is logical and reasonable based on the idea of God having no boundaries, and being all powerful… and our desire to reunite with God – the end result would be the absorption of our nature (the Highest Nature / New Man) into the Godhead.