Tonight in a meeting with other pupils and members we discussed the topic of the two fields of life (the perfected field and the imperfect field). I raised a question, but I’m not sure if it was relayed correctly as the discussion didn’t connect well to my intent.

My intention was to describe the idea that the ultimate goal is that we become nothing. While that might be debated, the consideration I offer to the discussion is this:

Examine a light in your room. The bulb burns so bright, but as the light energy degrades it casts less and less light, until the room has nothing but darkness. This, a metaphor for existence, showcases the idea of the Perfect world (Light source), and the imperfect world of forms. We exist in individuality, because the Light is not here in full force. If the Light of God existed in every space, a constant output of eternal power, there could be no other thing but the Light. There is no distinction, no individuality.

Therefore the quest to the One Light/Source ends with our end. No matter how we define individual – this idea of “self” is ultimately lost, as we end in a world of Deity where there is nothing but the Deity.

To be even more clear, the idea of self isn’t just the ego – it also is the Higher Nature… As the ego lets go of itself, the Higher within grows to its own potential – but it too choses to unite with Source – ultimately becoming One thing. Even the Higher Self is lost to the field of brilliance.

Or is it? Am I wrong?

I can’t say with certainty this is so, only that it is logical and reasonable based on the idea of God having no boundaries, and being all powerful… and our desire to reunite with God – the end result would be the absorption of our nature (the Highest Nature / New Man) into the Godhead.

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