Each morning, noon and evening I perform three private services. These are moments of quietude where consciousness is turned inward. In the morning I often read from a selection of spiritual literature and then contemplate it… This morning (the 54th service I’ve done in this way) I had the words to contemplate within my heart already and they came up saying to me the following message:

“Turn inward and see, for everything needed is there. All positive outcomes are a result of the inner Path cleared of obstruction and all negative results are the product of ego, which turns outwards. Do not deny who you are, but rise above it. The way is narrow – just as the Gate, but this doesn’t refer to a religion, rather to your dedication to dissolution of the old nature. The broad Path, leading to destruction, is the way of the world which accumulates its karma by way of obedience to ego pleasures. Their destruction is the result of sharing the same identity with all things ephemeral – Death. True life is granted to the new man that is no longer bound by the world. So turn from the attachments and rise anew with the Higher Self as your guide.” – H.S.


“All positive outcomes” refers to those outcomes that are really positive. The world’s definition of positive is different than the spiritual definition. Spiritual positive outcomes are those that align one to the Godhead – to Unity with the One. These may sound like platitudes, but the reality behind unity is that it is a connection with the depth of all living matter, as all comes from the All (the One).

Clearing the inner Path (that spiritual direction of the individual) is the activity of the aspirant. This activity is in the Negation of the world’s needs. Through the undoing of attachments to the world, one is set free. It may seem to an outside that one is “loosing out” on the things the world has to offer, but in reality one is finding freedom from the loss of attachment.

“Do not deny who you are, but rise above it,” is a reference to something specific to me. I have issues and problems in my personality. To ignore them and pretend I don’t is failure. I must acknowledge these problems, but there must also be a path above them – otherwise we would all just sit on a couch watching TV all day. We “rise above it,” not by fixing the personality (although the personality may need to be adjusted in order to align one’s steps), but by transcending it. This means that we seek to become a new personality through the Life/Light energy of the Solar Christ. In other words, the emissary of God is there to transfigure us into a new being, a new man but this requires our effort to make room for the process. This room making is done through inner silence and reticence.

The narrow way/Path and Gate – this is a reference to a Biblical passage,  Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Matthew 7:13-14) This passage is often quoted by zealots who want to demand obedience to their creed, and all who ignore it will be cast to outer darkness. However, in this inner reflection the meaning was that the narrow Path is the path of dissolution (dissolving) the old nature, in favor of the new – the True Alchemy. The broad path is one in which the individual pulls more to the world sphere.

I don’t think of the broad path as leading to “hell,” but rather Death – as when one aligns with the broad path, they are aligning to the path of entropy, of things that die.

It ends with the final advice of turning each moment to the Higher – the temptation is high to return to the old ways. Watching TV, getting caught up in anger at things in this world… these are all temptations to of Maya (the energy of illusion) to pull us back. This isn’t so much about what to do, watch, etc, but to stay in the empty space, for the Spirit to fill it.

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