I do not represent any group or organization.
My thoughts are my own and as such, the ideas expressed here and throughout this site may not be in alignment with any specific order, organization or spiritual school of thought.

The Golden Rosycross is an established system of modern Rosicrucians who incorporate a modern take on gnosticism. I will address what I’ve seen, read and heard – as such this information is my own personal views and does not reflect any other group.

Access to Information is Free

All their books have a free version available for download. The free version is an electronic PDF format book that can be downloaded through their Community’s book section:


Beyond the books, there are monthly videos lecturers presented for free as well. You can find past recordings through their dedicated link to archived videos:


What isn’t included in those videos is the interactive discussion, which is not recorded for reasons of personal privacy. I’ve participated in some of these free lectures and have asked various questions to gauge the answers I get in response. That is covered in the next section….

Guidance or Dogma?

TL;DR: The school of the Golden Rosycross does not push dogma on anyone. They instead request the aspirant to seek their own gnosis, their own direct experience. In alignment with my own beliefs, the school does not push literature or how-to manuals on spirituality, but favors personal contemplation and devotion.

I have asked various questions, to gauge the responses from the staff. In each case I am impressed with their guidance, without conformity.

Those from the Golden Rosycross offered ideas like, “you need to create space between you and the things that frustrate you…” but the word “mindfulness,” or “meditation” were not used, giving space to the listener/viewer to find their own path to the course of the soul.


The order doesn’t have “masters,” or “gurus” per se.

Each person in the Golden Rosycross is either a member or a pupil. The pupil is a student who has pledged a deeper role in the studies of the mysteries, much like an initiate in other orders.

Pupils, Members and the Public

Membership is free. Filling out an online form confirms your membership status. Interaction is through a members only meeting that is organized through the closest location to you. If you’re on the East Coast, I believe the member meetings are each Thursday. On the West Coast (California) the member meetings are the 3rd Monday of each month. Many of these meetings are online at this time, via Zoom.

Each month there is a series of public talks, which members, pupils and non-members can join freely. These are also hosted via Zoom calls. The format is a lecture with a Q&A towards the end.

This group is very special in that they have a Youth program.

What the Golden Rosycross calls a Pupil, well that would be what other groups might call an Initiate. This is someone who is taken an oath, and agreeing to meet certain specific demands.

If you google, “Golden Rosycross pupil” some results, like this one, www.goldenrosycross.ie/pupils-and-members-of-the-lectorium-rosi mention the requirements for giving up alcohol, drugs, and meat.

UPDATE 10/24/21: At the end of today’s public lecture they had a 2nd Q&A – the second one being about membership. I asked if they could explain the difference between a member and a pupil. A member, they mentioned, has no restrictions put upon them. A pupil is someone who takes a deeper step with the organization. As described above, there is an expectation on behavior. What they mainly focused on was the change of diet, giving up alcohol, tobacco and drugs (recreational drugs.) The path of the Pupil is really where the spiritual work would focus. It’s a contributing step… something I am now working towards.

Analysis of the Golden Rosycross

I’ve been a member of the organization since Sept/Oct of 2021. In April of 2022 I applied for Pupilship. The people are very open and honest. Their public talks attract a wide variety of different perspectives and the speakers have shown great respect for these different points of view.

Even in cases where a visitor has a strong, but opposing view, the speakers are clear to show they feel differently, but they are respectful all the same. In regards to the views of the Golden Rosycross… I am in alignment with their take against drugs.

The path of the pupil is attractive to me and I’ve started my own path of vegetarianism to that end.


Their outer teachings are all freely available for download and their public lectures can be attended freely at anytime.

My personal interaction with the teachers and body has been very positive. I found zero dogma enforced. Their ideas align with my own, and I enjoy their take on a lack of dogmatic expectations.