The HS spoke to me saying:

It is time to put this fight behind you. Reach out to me, that I may enter in and instruct. The Spirit Spark (or Essence) within you is growing and needs to be answered. These same guidelines can be observed. Do what must be done and worry not for what you will say or do. Neither lift yourself above your adversaries, for it is in them that your nature is reflected. In love and compassion review all things, events and people.

– The HS


When I approach a fight or conflict, I must put it behind me as soon as possible. To dwell upon conflict only scores a person with the marks of materialism. The inner Spirit will always instruct and the Spirit Spark within is speaking so that it can be answered in actions/behaviors.

Guidelines observed in one tradition can often be repurposed to individual usage, whether part of a tradition or not. Allow the events of the moment, without preparation of what to say (the ego), so that the Greater can manifest.

“Neither lift yourself above your adversaries,” adversaries can be anything one is conflict with. If a person, it may not know the conflict exists, as it can be one of the mind alone. The point here is that any person or situation that is in conflict should be observed as an outer reflection of an inner aspect.

Love and have compassion for all sides, all people and events, in this way the inner ego is overcome with an expansion of Self that includes all others.

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