From journal entry 3/18/22:

To protect one’s purity and ethic, even in dreams, there must be a set tone throughout the day. One must love, focus on the Higher and care for others. If selfishness is kept at bay, then in time, a Holy mind will persist (even in sleep/dream.)

While temptation is all about, one must protect the thoughts from selfishness. This can be done through focussing on spiritual works and keeping desires at bay. Even seeming innocent desires can bring the mind into carnality. Desiring new camera equipment, leads to other desires… ultimately separating from the path [with a focus of the world].

Desires in waking life feed the desires of the dream world. The dream desires feed waking life – an endless cycle, until it is broken.

Every desire must be accounted for. To aid this problem, every day must have a spiritual theme and this theme need be reaffirmed throughout the day and night, to set the tone.

For today, I chose the theme of Love. Pure love. Unconditional love of others – even of enemies.

The point in this entry is to identify the cause of desire and to overtake it with a greater cause of compassionate love for others. In doing so, selfishness is dethroned, and a Greater Self is identified.

When the focus is on the lower self needs, the spiritual path is misidentified with the mundane world. One becomes lost, perhaps temporarily, to the world. For this reason playing with desires, no matter how innocent, leads to other desires and so on – until the mind is firmly rooted in the cares of the world.

Remember the morality story of Arjuna meeting Krishna on the road, and how easily distracted he was. It was a puff of smoke on the horizon that led Arjuna off the path, into a lifetime of distraction. Although it never happened, and was but a vision for Arjuna to learn from, the point is that one can easily fall off the spiritual path (even for good intentions.)

Focusing on love and equanimity is a great antidote to desire. Love is a form of union, and equalization – seeing the other as similar and equal to the self.



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