Revisiting a recent thought of mine regarding Oneness and the idea of oblivion of the Self (even the Higher Self). In reading from some Gnostic work this morning, I came across this quote:

“The great good ones dwell in peace, bringing joy to the world like the return of spring. Having crossed the ocean of the world, they ever help others to cross over. For this is the very nature of the great-souled ones (Mahâtmas)–their swiftness to take away the weariness of others. So the soft-rayed moon of itself soothes the earth, burned by the fierce sun’s heat.”

Shankaracharya. The Crest-Jewel of Wisdom (p. 11). Kindle Edition.

From this perspective those who have crossed from the world (into Oneness I presume), still retain their individual awareness, and are not lost to oblivion. Of course one could argue this is a stage along the path of transfiguration.



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