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While observing my thoughts this morning I had an epiphany. Without any judgement, or labeling, I […]
What follows is my personal bias and opinion about this section of the Chemical Wedding. One […]
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This morning I practiced nonjudgemental observation, which is described on this site in another post. What […]
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Practicing nonjudgemental observation in meditation works like this: Sit in a relaxed posture and focus on […]
Looking back on the day, it started with my inner guidance, reminding me to be brave […]
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I had an insight that those things which are often avoided – the so-called “bad things,” […]
There she was, in red and white, Golden scales stood before the few, By virtue or vice, weighed […]
At the advice of a Rosicrucian from the Aesthetic Rose+Croix (keep in mind I am not […]
I had a moment recognizing my own karma reflected back at me. Several days ago I […]