Visiting my mother recently she was discussing current events and she asserted that it’s hard to […]
Every religion has members who cherry-pick a verse to determine they are the only and true […]
Photo by Faruk Tokluoğlu from Pexels
Summary (TL;DR) Getting involved through concrete problems is perfect, so long as one doesn’t attach to […]
How possible is it to enter the age of Aquarius,When the heart is filled with the […]
I’ve been having interesting conversations with my mother. She asked me pointed questions about various political […]
Each morning, noon and evening I perform three private services. These are moments of quietude where […]
In the book, “The Coming New Man,” there is an idea of self-denial called Negation. On […]
In my personal daily service this morning, these words floated to my awareness: Allow failure. Accept […]
I’ve noticed over the past two weeks that I’ve been in a state. My mind hasn’t […]
In many Christian circles the notion of the return of Christ is a cataclysmic event that […]