From journal entry 3/18/22: To protect one’s purity and ethic, even in dreams, there must be […]
The Golden Rosycross has released a new audio teaching on Abstract vs. Concrete. Concepts from the […]
From my journal (3/15/22): When I wake up with discursive thoughts (anxiety, anger, fear or worry), […]
Many have heard the old Biblical warning to beware false prophets. Growing up in theological circles, […]
While everyone should have their own unique practice that speaks and expresses their soul, there are […]
Several times in my careers there have been angry employers. One of which was so aggressive […]
Feeling slightly discouraged and confused by last night’s discussion, it felt prudent to sit in silence […]
This part relates to Aquarius. Aquarius is a symbol of two wavy lines which represent the […]
Photo by Simon Berger from Pexels
The Golden Rosycross concluded the February lecture series with a lecture on Rosicrucian Alchemy. The lecture […]
Esoteric Christianity
The lecture above is presented by the Golden Rosycross. For more on their videos, consider their […]