How possible is it to enter the age of Aquarius,
When the heart is filled with the age of Pisces?
Earth moved hearts stir the ground of the lower soul,
Desire and fear driving the runner into a repeating cycle.

Now, the time is at hand, the transfiguration is at hand,
In the twinkling of an eye, each one can be released
Into the ever-growing freedom of the blessing of One
Let go of all that is and hold to the center of what is to come.

I left the world to become an atom of the One. 
In the process I dissolved the surrounding bounding 
And in the growth, I survived the shattering of the self
So the One can radiate the energy of cosmic radiation.

It was not for me alone, but a process that was to be shared
Among those of my age, I was to share and express 
What is no longer held back, but amplified by the Lord
A glorious radiation of Life, shared in impersonal Love to all.



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