My Notes from today’s lecture:

In what reality do we live?
How do we go beyond the limitations of the natural soul being?

We are more than our physical body, thoughts and emotions.

An awakening touch of the spiritual light reaches our receptive consciousness. All seekers have experienced this. We call it prerememberance.

Every person is ensouled – but what is the soul?
A soul is what moves us, what explains our being and our actions.
Everything contained in us is in the:

  • blood
  • consciousness
  • serpent fire
  • hormonal fluid
  • nerve fluid

Purification of the blood

Redirection and purification of thoughts and emotions and activity in daily life.

We need to allow the eternal element within us to grow. Whatever spiritual path we chose, it is an illusion to seek treasures, peace or stability in the natural self.

How to course correct? Regarding, “it is an illusion to seek treasures, peace of stability in the natural self,” – I find myself slipping into the sleep of the world from time to time. How can we strengthen the focus? By continuing the work of purification of the blood? or something more?

The connection to the eternal comes from the guidance of the Spiritual Spark within us.

Inner detachment

creating space and spiritual energy to create a new reality within us.

  • Thinking
  • Feeling
  • Acting

From the new soul.
Actual liberation is a possibility through this process.


GRC not trying to change the ego for the better, but to let go of it gradually.
through this process, the greater within us is made stronger and we rise into Oneness.
Change like this occurs with effort, but not through natural means – but intentionally (not doing): moving from head and heart into non action.

We express and live out of a new soul experience.

By maintaining the neutralization and stimulus, then a freedom will restore one pointed focus.

We must start the path in non-being, in non-reaction. In silence and detachment from delusions of the world. Refraining from judging others, criticism, etc. Self-sacrifice: doing unto others that you would have done unto you.

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