Dei Gloria Intacta

The second chapter deals with the head-heart system. The system operates in a symbiotic relationship. That is the heart sanctuary does not exist independently, and is controlled by the head. Specifically it is the pituitary gland that controls the heart.

The brain has two primary functions: thinking (right-hemisphere) and will (left-hemisphere), while the heart is the “seat of the emotional life, with the sternum (breastbone) as its focus radiation…” offering the feeling aspect (pg. 40). The head-heart system is fed spiritually through the breath. Not only are material gasses breathed in, but also spiritual vibrations which influence the blood – which then circulates the influence through the entire body.

All desire radiates from the sternum outwards and this radiation is either ultraviolet (repelling or destructive in nature) or infrared (attrition based). A desire, radiated from the sternum interrelates with the desire body (our aural cloud). An aural cloud has also been referred to as our respiration field. (pg 43) As desire radiates into the aural cloud, a prolonged desire will have a direct impact on the respiration field.

The quality of the respiration field is “determined by the desire which is specialized in the respiration field as a radiation of the sternum.” (pg. 43) This becomes a degenerative cycle for the mass of humanity – it’s a desire complex: desire – respiration – blood – body – desire. Compound this problem in our age of extremes of polarity. Social media, politics, news, each vie to divide to extreme emotions and those emotions influence our desires and start the process above, but in extreme states of agitation.

“…the less man concerns himself with spiritual speculations, the better it will be for him. No one can help him, even God Himself can no longer do anything for him. Man can only help himself by total self-revolution, by an absolute fundamental change.”

(pg. 47)

The process of self-realization proposed by the author is not one of dogma, philosophical or religious rigidity. Instead, this process is one of self-seeking gnosis. Each seeks through their own way. In this search, if a pupil remains vigilant in the quest for gnosis, then their head-heart system will enter a phase of quietude.

If that quietude endures to a point of desire neutralization, than freedom in the pupils thinking will be restored. This is the very path of renunciation, and the ultimate aspect of this is the movement away from the “I” towards Unity.

Put in Rosicrucian terminology, if through this process the blood of the pupil is transformed (through the head-heart system of purification), then the Christ power will “touch him in freedom from the blood.” (pg. 54)

If the word “Christ,” confuses or obstructs, I tend to think of it as a messenger. A bridge or gap that connects between the Divine state and our consciousness. It is not our Higher Self, but an emissary to the Higher Self, that helps awaken it from its slumber.

This awakening all starts with our effort to make change:

  • Understanding the Head-Heart system
  • Lowering reactions and observing emotions
  • Entering into states of quietude through search of Gnosis
  • Listening to the inner guidance

The above invoke the Christ force, which provides freedom from the old patterns rooted in our historic energy fields and blood.


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