I had the oddest dream last night. Normally I don’t pay them any attention but last night was very odd.

In the dream I was in attendance at a gathering, much like a Freemason gathering, except it had men and women. All were dressed in their very best. No one paid me much mind and I just mingled with the crowd in this large room.

I was made aware that three men were the leaders and ran the group, but then something happened. I felt this power come over me, and I let go of my personality self to allow the inner to expand. The room disappeared and I saw this wondrous sight. Like a dream within a dream, I was seeing a light. There was a central sphere of blue-white light. Wisps of blue-white vapor moved about the central sphere, like a strange galaxy before me. In the curved arms of the wisps where brilliant dots, like stars.

In my dream I knew that the vision was there, but my body was in the room. I let go further and twirled, like a Sufi mystic. Reaching out into the spirit vision, I plucked one of the star-like dots of light and it turned into a physical object, a piece of writing.

I found myself standing in the room with the crowd, and now I am the center of their attention. They watched me twirl in the room like a madman, only to show a document in hand. They began to hail me as someone versed in the spiritual arts. Someone said that what I held was a sacred writ, or document – something from a hidden archive that only the three masters were allowed to enter.

One of the masters hailed this achievement, but the other two were missing. One had gone rogue and had entered into the sacred chamber to rob it. Another of the masters followed after him, disappearing from the crowd.

The sacred chamber was not accessible by physicality. It was accessed through pure will, and I found the path. It wasn’t a place, but a movement – a spiritual movement under Divine will. I saw myself before a mystical gate, iron wrote gate with interwoven piping. I pushed deep upon it and moved through it, as though pushing through a thick, stone wall.

Once on the other side, there was the space of the sacred chamber. Artifacts were stacked upon shelves, while others were put on pedestals for singular display. Shafts of light illuminated the area, in golden rays.

The objects were curious, but I became more curious of the master who came to rob the chamber. Focused now on finding him I crept between the tall shelves. That’s when I heard the robbing master, and the one who came after him. They were now working together. The one who claimed to restore the chamber, had made an arrangement with the robber – together they claimed, they would split the prizes.

Uncovering them at last, I drew upon them. Now, in my hands, was a sickle. I found myself striking each of them down, and they were not men at all, but puppets. As they tore open they were filled with stuffing. As they ended, I left the sacred chamber.

No more masters, I was taken past the crowd who were now confused. The masters they followed had been put down. Someone was guiding me, it was perhaps the 3rd master, who now allowed me to take charge of the state of the situation.

Instructed that we should enter the “chapel,” I found myself at the mystical gate, but this time blood was upon the gate – the blood of the previous masters. Pushing upon it, I was in the chamber, but it was like a chapel now. The crowd sat in pews or walked about. I was shown paintings of the previous masters.

Someone was heard telling the lineage of the masters and I asked, “who is the lineage holder now that the masters are gone?”

“You are the only one now.”


In thinking upon this, I believe the opening scene with the sphere and the wisp like galaxy is the opening the spiritual calling. I plucked something special out of the air… perhaps Gnosis being described in a metaphor.

The three masters I believe are the head, heart and life centers of the self. One betrayed us. Perhaps desire, found in the life center, or ego of the head. Something betrayed the Self, turning from the sacred to the profane and it lead to another failure (another center).

Finally it occurred to me that the betrayal must be put to death. In overpowering, and destroying the weak “masters” I became the only thing left. All that was, was now gone. What remained was the inner reticence.

The third master, who had remained true to the cause, bowed to the new birthing of the realization – that self-realization, and it became my True Self.

The dream, you see is a reminder of what I really am, and the betrayal that is the personality. The three centers have a material counterpart, which need to be overcome. Once they were removed from their seats of power (either by direct confrontation) or by their own acknowledgement of relinquishing power, I became the only one – the True Self.

This is the way.

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