Recently I was meeting with some very special pupils of like mind. We were sitting around discussing spiritual topics and I raised the recent discussions and how they relate to societal violence. Is there a point of involvement? To that point of involvement, I’ll discuss in a separate post. What I wanted to focus on in this post was the issue of violence as whole.

One person said something that resonated with me. In addressing recent violence, he spoke about the Reflection Sphere. I won’t pretend to know great depth on this concept of “Reflection Sphere,” but near as I can tell this is a spiritual domain that exists near our material existence. This space is home to various entities and egregores (spiritual hive mind like constructs of spiritual groups, religions and so on). These entities exert spiritual influence upon the material plane to direct it – but in no case is the reflection sphere considered a heaven. It’s possible that this domain is “heaven-like” to some, but it’s a temporary destination. Described as a temporary domicile for entities, the reflection sphere pulls us back to the material dimension.

Our present field of existence extends over a relatively very small portion of our mysterious earth. The land beyond the veil, known as the reflection-sphere, also completely belongs to our domain of life. It is in this field of existence with its two spheres that the rotation of the wheel of birth and death, so well known to us, takes place.

The Coming New Man, pg. 68

Societal Violence

If we establish that there is a temporary domicile for entities to exist beyond the “veil” of material life (the reflection sphere), there is another concept of the purging or cleansing of the reflection sphere. As this is happening, those entities who reside in the reflection-sphere strengthen their resistance.

I realize this takes some faith to accept, but I can offer some evidence. Those in the reflection-sphere exert influence to fight their battles in the material – much like the old Greek myths, these entities influence directly or indirectly. Some claim that they even take strong ownership of weakened minds or those who are at similar vibratory states to act out their will on earth.

But for what goal, one might ask. There could be a delusion that the material plane is being saved by their work and effort, and therefore they, like the myths of old fighting for power over the world. Or, it could be that acting in concert, dividing the world into polarized positions – it prevents the world from accepting a spiritual direction. Each person takes upon themselves a burden of polarity, seeing only their side, and hating the other.

When things fall into normalcy, then an extreme tragedy occurs. A shooting at a New York supermarket, killing 10+ strangers, or a shooting at an elementary school in Texas killing far too many little children. When we hear about these events, the pain affects us and it makes it hard to focus on anything other than the material world.

In this way, the person I was speaking with argued that these events could be the manufacture of non corporeal entities of the reflection-sphere. I can not prove this, one must feel this for themselves to see it if rings true for them.



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