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The words Virgo Lucifera come from the work, “The Chemical Wedding,” written in the 1600’s. The work is often considered alchemical in nature and an opening treatise of the Rosicrucian order. Since its publication many organizations have stood upon the principals of Rosicrucianism – each interpreting them slightly differently – but all seeking a core principle: The path of the aspirant along the path back to the Source from which it derived.

Original Chemical Wedding manuscript with note of “Virgo Lucifera” in margin

Some English translations have removed the words “Virgo Lucifera” entirely from the work. The original author wrote those words for a reason. The language of the original document was German, yet in the margin of the original document, were Latin phrases and words. In my opinion, these are important references to highlight characteristics or keys of understanding.

The virgin (or maiden) who is introduced in Chapter 2, is a central character to the story. In the margin of the original German text is the phrase, Virgo Lucifera, to represent her nature. In other words, the key to her nature is the latin Virgo Lucifera. But exactly what is her nature?

When I consider her role, I see her as the guide of the process within the walls of the wedding chambers. She also holds the golden scales by which the aspirants are judged worthy of continuing with the process. In the story, those of materialism fell through the scales back to the earth. Symbolically, I consider this to represent the separation of the carnal from the spiritual. Virgo Lucifera is that internal guide that illuminates a path to separate our own materialism (preference for the world) from our spiritual nature. As our spiritual nature becomes dominant, we ourselves sit upon the golden scales, light as a feather – worthy of continuing the process.

In my consideration, I feel that this role described by the maiden, is the role of the Neshama, otherwise called the Higher Self (and Soul by others). This is our nature that is True and Blameless.

In my opinion, this is why the character is a virgin. She, like our inherent essence, is blameless and pure. It is guiding and directing and at times judges us, to identify what needs to be worked on and fixed.


Virgo literally is the virgin. Since she is called the virgin, perhaps this part of the phrase has no mystery. Virgo could simply mean the “virgin,” – one who is blameless. I found this quote of interest, “Virgo has the equivalent sign in Indian astrology as the Kanya (which also means ‘maiden’)….” (Wikipedia) as the character in the story is also called the Maiden. Since the word maiden is used in the story, it could tie into a deeper meaning of what the astrological meaning of virgo relates. Harvest, growth, these could all be the themes of Virgo.


This is the eye opener. The word Lucifera is the feminine of Lucifer. Some may become concerned that the word seems “evil,” representing an “evil entity.” To start the discussion I would like to point out that the word Lucifer didn’t exist in the Bible when it was written: The languages which compose the original texts of the Christian Bible were Hebrew (the Old Testament) and Greek and Coptic (for the New Testament.) Latin (Lucifer is of course Latin) was used much later, after the established Church of Rome.

How did a Latin word appear in a Hebrew text, when Latin wouldn’t be invented for another 1,000 years? Lucifer was a lessor known Roman deity, linked to the idea of a bright star – attributed to Venus. A loose translator made the reach to connect the fallen angel “the bright and morning star” as “Lucifer,” thereby tarnishing a Roman god.

At any rate, the word Lucifer (removing the negative theology) is “Light Bringer.” Regardless of the male form of Lucifer, I think Virgo Lucifera is the Virgin Light – the pure light. That is to say, the truthful Light.

Virgo Lucifera

The Pure Light of the Soul is what I believe the phrase to reference – in other words, the Higher order of the Guidance (whether an aspect of Self, or external Guide), that which is intangible, always present, guiding and helping us towards the path of return.

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